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About Me

Nicole Ramirez (Martin), Owner & Consultant

I am a digital marketing professional specializing in content marketing, process management, and personalized strategy. I am the owner of NR Digital Consulting and I have worked in many different industries on marketing automation and customer journeys, website management, social media, and content strategy. Starting out as a journalist, I have a BA in Print Journalism from Penn State University and an MA in Journalism & Mass Communication from Point Park University. After working with multiple publications, I saw the industry rapidly changing to digital and decided to change career directions to focus on digital mar­­­­keting in the new market. I taught English 420: Writing for the Web at Penn State University as an Adjunct Professor and I am also an avid public speaker and presenter. I recently did a TEDx Talk on Personalization and the Privacy Paradox and currently, host a podcast called Talk Digital To Me.


I offer a variety of digital marketing services to help drive customer retention and sales. I evaluate just what you need to help succeed.


-Customer journeys
-CMS management 
-Process management 
-Email marketing 
-Brand development


-Audit and analysis 
-Website creative direction and management​

-Theme installations and minor fixes


-Ad development and creative direction


-Editorial calendar development and management 
-Content writing and editing
-Product descriptions

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"Nicole is one of the best marketers I have ever met and worked with. She is great at developing a marketing strategy, and providing creative direction. She has skills that not many marketers have and that is why it was joy having her on my team. She can create a social media strategy for you very quickly that will increase your revenue and produce more leads than you can imagine. She is a team player and always knows how to make sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is on the same page.


"Nicole was a star on our CollegeMag team. She was excellent at finding creative ways to reach out to the most diverse group of students, and her stories consistently received among the highest numbers of page views, comments, and social media impressions. She was also an efficient worker and made all deadlines. Nicole demonstrated a true passion for her CollegeMag work and any publication would be lucky to have her on its team."



In this podcast, Nicole Ramirez, Owner of NR Digital Consulting, explores the latest trends, topics, and news in digital, tech, AI and innovation. 

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nrdigitalconsulting@gmail.com  /  Tel. 412-512-5856